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Property Services Group, Inc. is a full service asset manager specializing in the management, investment sales, leasing and consulting of commercial real estate properties. We have successfully marketed, sold and financed office buildings, apartments, shopping centers, industrial buildings and land. We also currently manage and lease office buildings, apartment communities, research and technical buildings, retail centers, industrial parks and condominium associations.

Property Services Group, Inc. has a diversified team. Our team has been selected based on their work experience, education and training to effectively operate, sell and lease assets for investors. We are currently involved with providing management services, facilities management services and bookkeeping services to over 120 properties in 20 states, totaling approximately 5,000,000 square feet.

Property Services Group, Inc. has a successful track record in dealing with financially distressed properties. We have an outstanding ability to work with attorneys, the courts, vendors, creditors and other interested organizations to obtain the best possible scenario for the project. We have successfully turned around many projects and taken many projects out of bankruptcy due to actual hands-on experiences and the key relationships that we have established. We clearly understand owners' needs and are willing to work with them to accomplish their objectives.

We firmly believe that our team concept provides owners and investors with positive results. Success in real estate, as in other investments, can best be achieved by putting fully qualified professionals to work for you.

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