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Services We Provide

Property Management

PSG offers a wide range of Property Management Services tailored specifically for each property, owner, or Board of Directors that we work with. We can provide a full-service package, a facilities management package, an accounting-only package, or a blend of services best suited to your needs, objectives, and budget.

We are experienced and have a proven track record maintaining and improving stabilized properties. Whether your goals are to increase rents, add to the value of your property, or simply ensure long-term stability, we can maintain, supervise, and advise as needed to achieve your improvement goals.  

We are equally experienced and have a proven track record working with distressed real estate. Whether vacancy is an issue, complete rehabilitation is required, or a financial problem such as bankruptcy or foreclosure proceedings has arisen, we can design the package that meets your requirements.

We review risk management programs with your carrier to develop the most comprehensive package at a competitive rate. We perform routine inspections in addition to those conducted by the insurance carrier to identify potential concerns before they become problems. Our on-site staff and contractors maintain logs of the preventative measures taken to protect your investment.

We offer sound programs for responsive proactive services in the maintenance and mechanical fields. Due to our volume of clientele, we receive preferred rates from many of the vendors we work with without having any closely held ties or related companies. We do not require any of our clients to use specific vendors for services. We simply endeavor to ensure that our clients are receiving the highest quality of service at reasonable rates.  

Interpersonal relationships are important to any property. We develop relationships with the tenants to ensure optimum retention and with co-owners to ensure a positive domestic environment.

Our services can include—but are not limited to—these aspects of real estate. It is our mission to provide the highest level of professional service focused on the long-term value and stability of your real estate investment.

Facility Management

PSG provides facility management services based on our property management philosophy and services to a wide variety of building owners and users. These specialized programs are tailored specifically for the clients' needs and may include full building services, exterior-only services, or accounting-only services. Our portfolio of clients includes automotive, medical, high-tech, office, warehousing, and industrial properties. Our structured approach can help reduce operating expenses while maintaining your investment and increasing tenant satisfaction and retention.


The maintenance and reporting of financial information is essential. PSG develops detailed reports that are both timely and accurate. We provide monthly statements and financial analysis. We draft comprehensive budgets for owners to review, modify, and implement.

Our accounting department can track and process all payables and receivables for your property. We can aid in all of your tax preparation, bookkeeping, and payroll needs.  

Brokerage Services

PSG provides sales, acquisition, and leasing services to both our existing clientele, as well as individuals with limited or one-time needs looking for a proven and trustworthy company to represent their best interests in a professional, informed, and capable manner.

Tenant Representation

PSG's tenant representation services locate the best real estate product at the best pricing for your specific needs. Our services are typically provided at little or no cost to you. Many factors are used to assist you in your decisions, including:

  • Business Climate Reviews
  • Trend Analyses
  • Space Requirements
  • Surveys
  • Product Availability
  • Pricing Reviews
  • Business Strategy
  • Location Preferences
  • Customer Access
  • Quality & Availability of Labor
  • Lifestyle Considerations
  • Operating Environments
  • Business Goal Coordination
  • Proposal Reviews & Evaluations
  • Relocation Coordination
  • Overall Evaluation & Follow-Up

Whether you lease, purchase, sell, or build, PSG's in-depth understanding of the market and its coordination with your business needs ensure that you obtain the best result for your specific circumstances.  


Our diversified team has been selected based on each individual's work experience, training, licensing, and credentials to effectively advise our clients on their real estate ventures. Our staff's diversification includes experienced property managers and accounting professionals in all aspects of real estate. They are ready to put their knowledge and experience to use for you.